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Home Printing Help

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If printing anywhere but at home, we recommend calling your printer ahead of time to find out their preference. But here's a quick guide that works in most situations!

(Please note that we are not responsible if you do not call your printer before purchase and end up needing the opposite file format after purchase. This will be an additional fee, so we highly recommend calling your printer!)

 - If you're planning on either printing at home or sending to an online printer, or printing as a photo (not recommended, as the paper is thinner and the gloss can affect the design color) your best option is to choose JPG.

 - If you're planning to send to a local printer for printing, your best option is PDF.

(1) Download the printable file(s) to your desktop.

(2) Right click on the downloaded downloaded file and choose "Print".

(3) Your settings should be as follows:

Printer: Whatever printer you'll be using

Paper Size: 8.5" x 11" or the size of your file as indicated in the listing (ex: 5x7, 4x6, etc.)

Quality: Automatic

Paper Type: Automatic

Uncheck 'Fit Picture To Frame'.

From Your Printer Properties, Choose "Borderless Printing" for best results

To the right of the Print Screen Box, you will see a scroll box

where you can choose the Print out Size.

Ex: 8.5 x 11, 5x7, 4x6, etc. make sure to check you listing for the size or your page. Each listing has a specific size you choose or a stated size the page is, use this size for your print out size.

Address Labels: Not Recommended - Using Templates Only - I will send you a single label you can insert into a template, that will repeat the labels in all the spaces.

Larger Format Signs, Poster and Banners:  (ex: 11"x14" or 24"x36" or larger)

Not Recommended for Home Printing At All

Unless You have a Printer Capable of These Sizes

(4) Unless otherwise specified above, change the number of copies to

however many you need to print.

For those with quantities specified above, remember to set quantities with those multiples in mind

(ex: if you need 12 Food Tent Cards, which will print 3 pages,

as 4 come on a page and this will give you 12)

NOTE: I recommend printing in batches of no more than 10 sheets for quality control)

(5) Click 'Print'.

(6) If you have a back side file to print, simply flip and follow the instructions above to print the back side file on the back of your invitation.

(7) Once your file has printed, trim away the excess while areas - and you're done! The printable is now ready for sending, framing - whatever your heart desires!


Please Note: If the file you have purchased is designed to be printed at 8.5"x11", it is best to choose "Borderless" printing to make sure that the dimenions print as intended.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me - Elaine at