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Custom Orders - If you need something designed in to a file to print or if you need the items printed and shipped to you click on the blue Message Us or email Elaine at

Please follow these directions if you need something designed in to a file to print or if you need the items printed and shipped to you click on the blue Message Us or email Elaine at 

Custom orders are accepted for DIY files and printed items that can be sent to you. I have 2 shops to fulfill your needs,  one shop is only high quality digital files,  the second shop is for printed items like Invites, backdrop, stickers, towels,  shirts, cups, banners, glasses, phone cases, plus thousands of other items I can design for you. 

Have you searched and not found what you are looking for? My design shops are here to make custom ordering as easy as possible for you. I work with your ideas and make them come to life. If you know what you are looking for, go ahead and contact me Elaine at  or click on the messenger icon and send me your question or questions immediately to let me know what you are searching for.

All of my items are professional quality. I work with you to create what you are looking for. You will be able to print your items any place, such at home, online, office supply shop or a photo shop or order them printed and shipped to you.

I create custom orders for everything from invites, announcements, banners, posters, signs, Christmas cards, photo cards, photo collages, shirts, mason jars,  stickers,  plus thousands of other items,  so don't be afraid to ask. If you don't find what you are looking for listed in my drop down menu contact me. No item is too big or too small.

If you like your items to be unique you have come to the right place. I will create unique professional items in any size (from as small as you want to banner size) and in the file of your choice (jpeg, pdf, or other), making your items easy to print. I will work with you on your color selections, design choices, wording, pictures, plus much more. I am very flexible and will create items you will be able print on other websites, such as Shutterfly, Vista Print, Snapfish, etc., simply let me know where you are printing your items, this way I will make sure I have checked the site for their specifications and your items will be designed with the correct dimensions. There is not extra charge for this, unless the changes are made after your order is purchased.

Custom orders are very similar in price to other items in my shop. I don't like surprises when it come to extra fees, so I like to be upfront, I do charge for changes after an item or items have been approved and purchased & photo editing ( needing to remove items from a photo or fix something in the photo), regular cropping is included in the price. If something will cost extra I will inform you before you purchase your order. 

How it works: (Creation time is normally 1-3 days - not including Holidays and weekends, if it will take longer I will definitely notify you.)

You will e-mail me with what you are looking for or click on the messenger icon and send me a message immediately. I normally respond within 24 hours if it is not a weekend or Holiday. I will communicate with you about your ideas and the designs you are interested in. I do not adjust spelling so please double check your spelling and make sure your details and addresses are correct. If you need something in a different language, I will create it for you if you provide the translation for me.

I will send you a proof before you pay to make sure your item is approved, once you approve the item I will then set up your order and you will be able to download the item or items or I will send you the file or files through e-mail to you, the choice is yours.

I am flexible with file formats, sizes, colors, wording, plus much more feel free to ask. If you are using a special website or business to print your items, please let me know so I will be able to check and see if they have special requirements. If you know the place you are printing does have special requirements please provide them for me, so you will be able to receive your order without additional delays.

Contact me Elaine at  or click on the messenger icon to get your custom order started today. 

Thank you for choosing Invites and Delites for your design work. I'm glad we are part of your special occasion and will try to make this as easy as possible. If you need your items to be printed and sent to you I will set up your order in my Invites and Delites on Zazzle Shop where all the printing is taken care of from invites, towels, cups, cards, plus hundreds of other items. Feel free to ask me any design questions you may have.

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